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Setting Up RIMS-Style Tom Mounts

Stick Plate Pad (A) to Mounting Plate (B) (Figure 1).

Make sure to line up the holes as close as possible.

Push Bolt (C) through the center hole on Mounting Plate (B) then through the center hole on Mounting Rim (D) (Figure 2).

Hand tighten the provided nut onto Bolt (C).

Repeat and attach bolts to the left and right holes and secure with provided nuts.

Once all the bolts are in, use a wrench to tighten the nuts (E) (Figure 3).

Next, place Isolation Washer (F) in the large holes on the Mounting Rim (D) (Figure 4).

Fit Standard Tom Mount (H) to Mounting Plate (B) on the pad side.

Use the screws and washers to fix the Standard Tom Mount onto the plate (Figure 5).

Place Drum Head (not pictured) and Standard Rim on the drum.

Hold Mounting Rim (D), making sure to line up Isolation Washers (not pictured) with the holes on the Standard Rim and the lugs.

Place Tension Rod (G) through Standard Rim and Mounting Rim and into the lug (Figure 6).

Hand tighten the rod. Continue to do this with the remaining tension rods. Now you’re set up and ready to rock!

Figure 1

Figure 2

Figure 3

Figure 4

Figure 5

Figure 6