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Warranty is for USA only, for International Warranty information, please contact your local Distributor.

What is your warranty policy?

A warranty begins when you purchase an item from a dealer, either from a store or online. All warranties must be handled through the store or company online from whom the item was bought. Please do not contact CODA Drums directly. The user is responsible for all freight charges with any warranty repair or exchange. If you intend to bring back an item, first check that it is still covered under warranty, and return it to the place of purchase with your receipt to be assessed by the dealer

Where can I send a warranty card?

Most of our products do not require that you register for warranty service. However, most of our warranties do require that you keep a copy of your original sales receipt. Please make sure to keep all relevant paperwork in a safe place.

How do I obtain warranty service?

We ask that you take the instrument to the original place of purchase for any warranty service. If, for any reason, you cannot contact the original place of purchase, you can find the nearest dealer for your area in the Dealer Locator section of this website.

Where can I get lessons for my instrument?

Many of our dealers offer music lessons. You can find the nearest dealer in your area in the Dealer Locator section of this website.